New & Used Forklifts for Hire

NM Forktrucks can supply a complete range of equipment to suit your requirements TODAY!

Forklift Casual Hire

At NM Forktrucks we pride ourselves on  being able to support our new & existing customers with the best hire equipment and backup service to ensure demands are met. With having our own forklift transport means that your equipment gets there when you need it.

Long Term Forklift Rental

Long term or permanent forklift rental is where you rent equipment over a specified period instead of purchasing outright. This may be from 1 month to 7 years with hire rates measured by the length of the term.

Considering this option is crucial as you need to choose not only the right equipment but also the right business partner to provide you with the right service.

This is why 
NM Forktrucks is right for you! We are committed to having the best quality rental fleet in Northern Ireland with all our equipment serviced and checked as per manufacturers recommendations.

If you would like further information, give us a call today on 028 92621922!